Chic Chien Chateau is a non profit, foster-based rescue that helps homeless animals find their forever homes.  We cater to a clientele who, without us, would most likely have found their pets in a pet store or from a breeder. 
We find envy worthy dogs from shelters throughout the world (mostly in areas where spaying/neutering is not a common practice) and bring them to their new Chic Chien Chateau! We also work with educating communities on the importance of spaying and neutering as well as being respectful and responsible pet owners.

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Our founder Nicole Patrick was raised with animals, and always had an entourage of at least two or three by her side.  As she grew older and chicer in the most fabulous city in the world (NYC!) she realized it was time to have a few animal companions of her own.  Of course she wanted the cutest, tiniest, most glamorous dog she could find, but she was torn; she knew in her heart adoption was the way to go, but it was so much easier to go to the cute little pet store down the street.  She took a leap of faith and put her heels to the pavement in order to see if it was possible to find the world’s most adorable dog at a shelter.  After a bit of work, a good eye and lots of puppy kisses she managed to procure the Harry Winston of pups. Three gorgeous grown dogs later she realized that she was constantly being stopped on the streets and asked what type of designer breeds her dogs were.  When she told them, they were adopted the inquisitive strangers usually scoffed, thinking she was just looking for undeserved credit as a do-gooder or keeping the secret breeds for herself. It was from this that Chic Chien Chateau was created, to help spread the love with all of you fabulous femmes et gallant garçons and stop puppy mills. Our goal is to save these innocent angels that bless our lives, as well as help stop the unneeded over population of homeless animals.