We at Chic Chien Chateau believe all dogs should get their chance at a loving happy furever home which is why we have started our special needs program.  When space at a committed foster home is available we take in extra special needs pups.    For every 10 dogs adopted Chic Chien Chateau will rescue a special needs or medical care dog.  Our hope is that in the future we will be able to constantly have 2 (or more!!!!)  medical/special needs dogs in our rescue at all times, just like humans medical assistance for dogs is very expensive so when a dog arrives to a shelter in need of medical attention they have little to no chance of being adopted or even shown for adoption.  Your donations and adoptions allow us to take in dogs that otherwise would never receive proper medical attention and would be euthanized. Every time we receive an adoption donation a portion of that donation is put aside for this program- because no dog should lose their life due to medical costs.

Please enquire for more information about foster, sponsor or adopting one of these love bugs!

Meet Brittany and Missy! 

Brittany was our first special needs pup and inspired us to create this program.  When Brittany arrived to Chic Chien Chateau Rescue we were only aware that she had a few broken toes and a small lump- the shelter that she came from did not have the resources to do testing on her lump and was going to euthanize her.  When she got to her new foster home she was sweet as could be but clearly in pain.  We got her to the vet and found out that her lump was a growing tumor and would possibly need to be removed.  Brittanys lump quickly grew to the size of a baseball and we were given the choice to put her down or come up with the funds for this costly surgery.  Of course Chic Chien Chateau is a no-kill shelter so we put on our fundraising suit and came up with the funds to save her!  After Brittanys surgery the vet told us that he has never had a local rescue go to such efforts to save a dog- we couldn't believe this and thus our special needs program was created!  Brittany recuperated like a champ and is now 100% cancer free living with her amazing new dad!

IMG_2604 2.JPG


Missy was our second medical needs pup.  She was brought to the shelter in Georgia with a horrible case of mange at about 3 weeks old.  Her skin was in a terrible state and she had open bleeding wounds.  As a black lab puppy in Georgia she already had little to no chance of being adopted and with her medical condition she was set to be euthanized.  Our partners in Georgia reached out and told us about her condition and explained that the clock was ticking (she had less than a day left) we told our partners to get her to the vet asap and pull her from the shelter.  Missy got the proper medical attention but had little to no hair left, was very sick due to lack of nutrition and required daily medication as well as quarantine- thanks to our dedicated fosters we brought her to the east coast and after a few months of tlc as well as an extremely nutrient rich diet Missy was adopted by a loving family and has a gorgeous new coat!